Real Life Motherhood

Working Mom vs. Stay at Home Mom

Last month I took a jump into a new adventure. I became a {part time} working mom.  And lets just say the jury is still out on how I feel surrounding the whole situation...

Real Life Motherhood

One Mom’s Grief

You can grieve the loss of an idea or dream that didn't come true.  You can grieve your preconceived notions of what should or could have been.  You may be a momma who needs fertility treatment to conceive, and you grieve the idea of a "normalized pregnancy".  You may be a working mom who grieves the idea of staying home with her babies.  You may be a stay at home mom grieving the working life you put on pause or gave up.  You may be a dad surrounded by beautiful daughters grieving passing down legacies and the family name through a son. I grieve my "what if" or "could have been" life that I will now never live.  And I am not alone.