Meet my four (and the one who raises them with me). They are the faces and crazy behind every story, idea, and post.


ūüď∑credit: @maggiewoodphotography


Cory and I are your regular run of the mill cliche. We met in high school while he was friends with my older brother. We became best friends instantly upon meeting but swore it was a “brother/sister” friendship. ¬†Honestly… we both wanted to tackle the other and make out like the teenagers we were.

Today we have been married six years, together for twelve! We have successfully endured long distance while I went to college in North Carolina for a year and he was back home in Minnesota.  When we were engaged and newly married he traveled all over the world on a whim for his job too. We have moved twice and built a house all while bringing four kids into our family.

We know stress and we know conflict and what it does to a marriage and a family. ¬†We also know forgiveness and compromise. We rely on sarcasm and teenage lust to keep our flame going (oh, and counseling… good marriages need counseling!). ¬†We have had our fair share of trials but at the end of the day he is my best friend. I couldn’t raise our four with anyone else nor would I ever want to.

Cory works in engineering and service for a local bio-tech company. He started with the company when it was just a R&D branch of its original sister company nine years ago. ¬†He is also a volunteer fire fighter. A childhood dream which he has already passed down to our oldest son ūüôā

Number 1:

Maggie Wood Photography-81
ūüď∑credit: @maggiewoodphotography

Kennedy is our oldest in age, but second “newest” to our family. ¬†She was born our niece but now has became our forever daughter. She is nine and a half… adding a whole new level of parenting for Cory and I.

When she came to live with us we had a 3 year old and 1 year old. ¬†Homework, after school activities, teaching age appropriate responsibilities and personal hygiene, these were all thrown at us with no compass to guide us down the right path. ¬†To say we’re in over our head is being polite. But we love K more than words can say. ¬†And day by day we’re figuring it out.

Kennedy is a fourth grader who enjoys to read and play softball. She is kind hearted and tender with her younger siblings.  She is shy, timid, and soft spoken, which is a breath of fresh air compared to our middles. Over the past year and a half she has molded beautifully into our family and truely feels like she was always meant to be.

Number 2:

Peyton is our first born and she knows it. ¬†She is four years old going on thirteen… going on thirty! ¬†She is sassy and stubborn as the day is long, but she is empathetic and caring too. ¬†P is the first to ask me how I’m feeling and always ready to give me a giant “Im going to make you happy hug.” ¬†She is also the first to push my buttons enough to make me in need of one of those hugs.

She is my rainbow baby and I will always have an extra soft spot in my heart because of it.  Cory and I always dreamed of a big family, and after we lost our first I was heart broken. It took us a year and mild infertility aid to have our precious P.  Worth the wait and worth the challenge.

Peyton enjoys all things girly. She is a princess through and through. She is outgoing and sweet. Witty and smart. ¬†She is my mini me from her dark brown eyes to her stubborn sass. She is a great big sister but still wears her “first born” crown with Kennedy. ¬†At times it can be challenging but her smile and hugs makes all life’s road bumps melt away.

Number 3:

DSC01294Noah Bear was our surprise. And he has kept us on our toes ever since. Where Peyton was hard and challenging, both emotionally and physically to receive, Noah beat the odds of the female reproductive system and blessed us with his presence only 18 months after his big sister.

He is a boys boy all the way! His hero is his daddy, for being a fireman and owning a “tractor”. He would live outside barefoot if he could. ¬†Noah is smart and curious. He is charming and adorable with dimples to boot! ¬†He is third in age for our crazy family, however the oldest boy. ¬†Therefore, we have three strong “oldest” personalities all competing for who is in charge.

Noah is two and half and surprises me every day. He has a sweet and gentle baby face that fools me of his age and wisdom. He is hilarious and adventurous, and always ready for trouble.  He is honest to a fault and stubborn too. Noah is quickly loving his roll of big brother but he idolizes and adores his big sisters most.
Number 4:

Milo has completed our family perfectly.  Many people thought we were crazy when we announced our pregnancy.  At the time we were fostering our now daughter and her half sister (leaving us with four kids already!).  But God had different plans for us.  We went on to take full custody of our daughter, and our other niece moved out.  Milo brought us back up to our crazy load of four.

He is mellow and a snuggle bug, but can scream so loud your ears want to bleed. ¬†Milo is charming and loving, always spreading a smile. For now Momma is his favorite. ¬†As much as it warms my heart, I would love for someone else to be able to hold him too! ¬†He has kept us on our toes being very motivated with his gross motor skills, becoming our youngest crawler (to catch up to siblings I’m sure). ¬†His giggle fills a room and his full faced smile is contagious.

Born in December our baby boy is almost 9 months old and growing so fast.  He is crawling all over, pulling up, sleeping in his own room (all night even ;)), and loving Baby Led Weaning for mealtimes.  He has somehow made our family whole, especially with our oldest.  I love to see the bonds and love grow between all my kids.  Kennedy and Milo have a special love that I am so thankful for. He is helping her show love and feel love, and that alone is enough to know adding a fourth (almost fifth) baby to our family was right.

Today we are busy.  Our house is loud.  Our house is messy.  Our lives are simply c r a z y.

But.. this is my tribe.  God blessed me with my baby bears and I cherish them through all the screaming, the fighting, the poop and the puke.

My four (and who knows maybe someday if I loose my mind.. more).


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