Family Highlights

Family Halloween Costumes

I have created an impossible task for myself in coming years. What started as a fun quirky idea for Halloween (with one simple toddler might I add) has turned into a tradition that gets amped up more and more every year. The coordinating themed family Halloween costume.

Family Highlights

Softball Sleepover Birthday

I loved watching K play and interact with her friends. Friends from her new school and new life with us. I loved how she was so caring and thoughtfully included her little sister who so desperately wanted to be part of the group.  I loved every time she whispered "thank you" to me in appreciation.  I loved the whole party (in spite of all the madness). And of course all the little details I thrive on came together perfectly making it all the better.  The decor was minimal, but the prep was detailed as always! Here is an inside look to Kennedy's softball slumber party!