My name is Jennifer but these days I seem to go by a different name… Momma.  I have four beautiful, sweet, straight up crazy children that consume my every moment and then some.  As insane as our life is my adoring and dillusional husband cannot admit he is done having kids. Welcome “Four and maybe more.”

I started this blog out of hope for my shy and awkward self to reach out and connect with other moms.  I can’t be the only one who witnesses a toddler flop around the floor for twenty minutes because she was “to tired” to pull up her pants… please tell me I’m not!  My crazy may be magnified due to having it multiplied by four, but motherhood no matter how many kiddos is chaos.

I want to share tidbits from my life, my kids and my marriage. I want to share good practical things like activities and recipes kids will love. I want to start a dialog about the survival tactics we all need as moms to make it to bedtime every night.  As much as I’d love to provide timely and well scheduled posts I just can’t promise that.  I will write as I am inpired and post as I have time. And that may not be often or rhythmic because… well, kids!  Follow and subscribe so you don’t miss a story or post!  

Tantrums can be seen around the world, so let us find peace in the fact we’re not alone. Parenting is messy, infuriating, beautiful, and like nothing else.  This blog is my reflection and inside look of how I parent my four {and maybe more}.