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Family Halloween Costumes

I have created an impossible task for myself in coming years.

What started as a fun quirky idea for Halloween (with ONE simple toddler might I add) has turned into a tradition that gets amped up more and more every year.

The coordinating themed family Halloween costume.

Family Halloween Costumes

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Like I said, it all started when we had Peyton (15 months) and I was pregnant with Noah. She was still young enough not to fuss or voice an opinion so I got to picked out her costume.

At this time we were building our new house. We thought it would be a fun idea to go trick or treating in our soon to be neighborhood and introduce ourselves to our new neighbors.

And if we were all going trick or treating we might as all dress up right?


A quick Pinterest search for “pregnant family Halloween costumes” and my idea hit me! Winnie the Pooh for my large and in charge belly and little Peyton made an adorable Eeyore (plus I found a costume that was full body with a hood! So warm and cozy.) My husband went along with my crazy scheme and dressed as Christopher Robin wearing a T-shirt in MN on Halloween (however drew the line at shorts)! He also agreed to carry around a silly balloon to really sell the character.


All in all the costumes were very easy.  Peyton’s was store bought and I was so happy with its warmth.  Halloween in Minnesota doesn’t always get to be cute and glamorous when you have to worry about snow or freezing temperatures.  But this allowed for layers underneath and her ears were covered from wind!

Christopher Robin was as easy as buying a yellow polo and getting a balloon from our local dollar store!  We lucked out with mild temps that year but Cory was still a champ braving the cold in short sleeves!

For Pooh I had to get a little creative. I had the vision of finding yellow leggings and matching top to go all out. In reality… I was in my third trimester and that body was not being put in a homemade YELLOW bodysuit!

I borrowed my mother’s gold thermal layering shirt (Golden Gopher Football is a big deal in my family, maroon and gold layers are in an abundance!) then I bought a cheap large red shirt and chopped it off.

To make my Pooh ears I took one of my common elastic headbands and hot glued card stock ear cutouts on top. It was easy, low cost, and still all the while effective.

Isn’t she the cutest?!?

This first Halloween gave me the delusional love of DIY, but also the reality that sometimes store bought is what’s right.  It gave me such joy going trick or treating together as a family, in our cohesive costumes!

The tradition was established. And so we continued!

However, the next year I was not nearly as creative or prepared. I knew I wanted the kids to match but I was hit with a problem…

While at Target browsing one day I saw the cutest baby pumpkin costume. Now, our Noah may have thinned out in toddlerhood, but as a baby he was round with a head size off of the growth charts, and just overall p l u m p!  I saw it and instantly needed to have his chubby overly huge round face in that costume!

However, Peyton was at an age of opinion and I was at a loss of what to match with a pumpkin. A friend helped me stretch my imagination and gave me an idea to also please our princess 😉

Cinderella and her pumpkin (coach)!

Peyton LOVED getting her very first princess dress up costume (a gateway into what is now an out of control hoardersous problem).


With visions of Cory dressing as Prince Charming I just didn’t have the preparation time to pull it off. So he dodged a bullet for one year. Being we were now living in our home I stayed home to pass out candy and opted out of a costume as well.

I’ll admit this year I dropped the ball.  We probably could have seen this as an out for my beloved family costumes going forward.  That would have been easier. And wiser!


But of course I continued… for the children of course!

Last year I was committed to being prepared early.  At this point we had added our oldest daughter into our family and I found myself once again pregnant.  We had talked with the girls (lets be honest Noah got zero opinion!) about what they wanted to be.  We took in their interests and thought whether or not we could find characters for our whole family within their ideas.

Originally, Mickey Mouse and friends was the theme.  However, the girls (read: our stubborn Peyton) could not settle on who got to be Minnie while the other “had to be” Daisy.

A little more brainstorming and a trip to Target (We may love Target…) and both girls fell in love with the Anna “snow” costume they had out last year.  Again a conflict but one that quick mom bribing took care of.  Peyton already had an Elsa dress up costume at home.  So, I offered to buy her the snow Anna dress after Halloween to play with if she would be Elsa and allow Kennedy to be Anna.

She took the deal and the theme started coming together.  Again our round faced little boy made the perfect Olaf!  Daddy got dubbed Kristoff and it was the kids’ choice that the big pregnant momma be Sven… the reindeer.


A good Target Cartwheel deal and the kids were set up with their costumes well in advance!  I picked up some in expensive color coordinating headbands for the girls (this year it was colder!) but Noah’s costume was warm and cozy with his hat and layers.

Somehow Kennedy added a crown that didn’t come with her costume and Peyton a cape.. but we needed to pick our battles and they loved their costumes because of it!

Ready for Trick or Treating!

I was stuck at home again passing out candy, but wanted to humor the kids and create a Sven costume.  Really? I wanted to coordinate and be a part of the photos and fun!

I had many more ideas but it boiled down to reindeer antlers and a brown sweater.  Not very creative but it got the point across.  I needed to spend more time and energy on the trick or treat escort anyway.

Kristoff was a fun DIY challenge.  I bought a cheap grey crew neck sweatshirt and cut  the arms off to make it “vest like”.  Peyton helped me pick out the appropriate hat (she is a detail oriented girl!) and the rest was my creation.  With some purple and red fabric, fur trim, iron on adhesive, and my trusty hot glue gun I got to work.  Nothing was precise, nothing was perfect, but it got the job done.  I cut from guessing and made things based off my opinion.  No pattern just google images for inspiration.

My hope was not too much attention would be paid to him, after all there were going to be three adorable kids asking for candy!  Cory’s costume was defiantly a picture costume, great from afar just not from too close!  It made the kids so happy to see daddy dress up like them and be apart of the fun however.  And really it was only their approval and glee I (and him) needed.


Last year not only did the tradition continue but it was elevated.  Now we all “need” to be included.  Now we all need a character and a costume.  Add to that the addition of baby Milo in our crew, and I am in over my head as I prep for this Halloween!

The kids however thought of the best character theme and I am so excited that it is something they all enjoy + there is more than enough characters to choose from!  We had no fighting and no bribing.  Each kid got to pick someone they were happy with.  And they happily assign daddy and mommy their roles too.

UPDATE: Hodgson Halloween 2017, we trick or treated as a whole family as we celebrate being the Paw Patrol!  It was our coldest year yet trick or treating but our costumes were up to the challenge!  I found the adorable (and warm) hats on Etsy and make all the rest myself!


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