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10 Ways to be a Selfish(ish) Mom. 

Building off last weeks post about us mommas needing to be selfish and take care of ourselves, I thought I would help out with some ideas!

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I fully believe (although not always act out) being a little selfish will make me a better mom. We (all moms and parents) need to take care of ourselves and make sure we are happy and fulfilled for our kids.  Now… I don’t think you should go over board and drop all your responsibilities and priorities. But make sure you and your well being is on top!

A little something every day can go a long way.  Small painless acts that make you feel beautiful, refreshed, validated, or proud.  If you feel good you will be happier, therefor give your best to your kids.

If you are married rely on your partner. If you have relatives near by, ask for help watching the kids. If you’re a one women badass doing it all utilize naps and (yes) screen time to give you some “me time”.

It’s a hard pill to swallow but laundry, dishes, cleaning, and toys will be there after you rest. Chores and other responsibilities can wait. They need to be lower on the priority list.

We need to care for ourselves before caring for other people and other things. 


Here are 10 ways we can be slightly selfish and recharge our mom battery with some self care:

1. Take a bubble bath while dad puts kids to bed. (He is capable I promise!)  Not a bath fan… take a long hot shower without interuption or a time deadline.

2. Waste a naptime binging Netflix.

3. Solo shop at target FOR FUN! Leave the list at home and browse those beautiful isles of things you don’t need 🙂  Even go so far as to grab a Starbucks for your stroll!

4.  Meet a girlfriend for coffee or lunch on the weekend and leave dad with the kiddos.  No food thrown at you.  Adult conversation.  Hot food you didn’t have to make. Win- Win- and Win!

5. Book a mani/pedi for a mid week break!

6. Take a nap! If you have kids too old for nap themselves put on a movie, snuggle with them on the couch, and close those exhausted eyes. It’s ok!

7.  Sleep in. Make daddy do kid duty one morning. Wake up without an alarm (or baby alarm) and start your day refreshed on your timing!

8. Put on your choice of radio station in the car and turn it up!  Sing your heart out to music that lifts your soul. The kids don’t always need princesses and Mickey Mouse.

9. Go to the gym. Our YMCA has free child care while you are using the facility!!! Use it! Even if you just go sit in the hot tub and take an uninterrupted shower afterwards 🙂

10. Make the husband cook dinner. Even better… have him cook + balance kids while you go rest for 30 min. Whether it’s once a month or a weekly fix, being the one taken care of will really help lift your stress load.

None of these will damage your children. They are not hurtful or even at the expense of your kids.  But they are wonderfully selfish!  These are things that will make you happy.  And when you are truly happy your kids will benefit.  A happy mom is more likely to be an intentional mom.  A happy mom is more likely to be a playful mom.  A happy mom will be a better mom.

So pick your favorite, do one each day,  think of some more ideas and share.  Take some mommy time and be selfish… really its for you kids 😉

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