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Why another mom blog?


Why should you read another mom blog? What makes me, my story’s, and take on life so great? In short… nothing. I am a normal boring stay at home mom.  I am just like you but nothing like you at the same time.  That’s the beauty.

My hope is to find even one mom, somewhere in this world, that can connect with what I have to say.  The mom who has no one to talk to in her neighborhood or mom circle.  No one to really relate to enough.

Every journey through motherhood is unique.  But as moms we all have some commonalities.  Our daily fights and struggles are bound to be repeated in another household somewhere.  Let’s find that other mom who you didn’t think existed.

I’ll admit my motherhood journey is pretty crazy.  I have become a mom five different ways- miscarriage, fertility aid, complete crazy accident, perfectly planned, and through a messy “adoption”.   I have a pretty hard deck of cards to replicate. But maybe there are five different decks I can join together to find hope.

If you, my readers, can relate to one of my kids or some of my stories or maybe through comments and connections find someone to relate to… then it’s worth it.

With that said!  Too much sugar will give you a headache. Too much sugar coated motherhood comparisons and stories will do the same.  This post has read pretty serious so far but don’t let that fool you. This momma survives on sarcasm and blunt reality.

Motherhood is messy. Motherhood is annoying.  Motherhood is inconvenient.  Why do we as moms (or dads) try and make it seem like anything else?

What topics do you want to read about? What’s your crazy you need to find someone to relate with? What do you do to survive?

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27 thoughts on “Why another mom blog?”

  1. I am not even a Mom but I can appreciate how authentic your blog sounds already! Maybe tales to relate to in the future.

    ~ Bree


      1. No problem at all; I was just telling someone the other day that we all have something to contribute as individuals 🙂

        Have a great week!
        ~ Bree


  2. Having no other moms to relate to (family & friend circle), that’s exactly why I started my blog too. I totally get how lonely being a stay-at-home mom can be with only the internet to adult with.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great read! Being in a small town it’s hard to fined moms to connect to. Im new to this blog world too in hopes of finding other moms who can relate to or just need to hear a funny story! Look forward to reading more!


  4. I started a “mom blog” this past weekend. I have a few post written. Im a stay at home mom of 3, and I feel I should have so much to write about. The thought of being judged by so many scares the living crap out of me, but I feel if I can make any type of mom friends or anyone can relate and not judge I’ll be just super happy. I just found your posts and I’m really enjoying reading them.


    1. Don’t fear judgement.​ Those who judge have no right if they don’t express their experiences as well. Write what inspires you within your day, or the things that happen to you within a day, let that inspire your writing.


  5. Being a STAHM, I sometimes feel like I am in this bubble with my two daughters (2 yr and 1 yr old) and nobody can understand what my world feels like except me. That is why I took up blogging, to be able to have some avenue to the outside world. Thank you for your post, looking forward to reading your content. Happy mothering 🙂


  6. I like you already! I run on humor, sarcasm, and blatant reality! I give you props stay at home momma, it can’t be easy! I work full time as a registered nurse, and it is literally the only time I can socialize with adults! I look forward to reading your future posts.​


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