Survival Parenting

Welcome to Survival Mode

Welcome to Survival Mode
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Shortly after our fourth was born my husband coined a new goodbye phrase. He no longer played naive saying,  “Have a great day!” and asking what I all had planned.  Instead he simply said two words with a kiss… “Just survive.”

We had been out numbered before but we were on a new playing field with baby M.  We underestimated the regression P and N would suffer.  We overestimated the amount K would step up as the oldest.  We underestimated how much sleep a person really needs.  We were drowning.  Our normal crazy chaos did not pause and wait for us to adapt and figure out life with a another new baby.  We got home from our vacation at the hospital and jumped right back in.  Diving into the shallow end against better judgement.

Welcome survival mode.

Yes, four kids (and maybe more ;)) was our dream.  Yes, we actually tried and planned to add another baby into our mess of a life.  Yes, we dealt with regression before, being out numbered, playing zone defense.  Yes, we had brought home prior newborns from the hospital and knew how much energy and time they consumed. However no amount of knowledge and planning could have prepared us for our new level of madness we now called our own.

We have friends that have coined this phase of life “the dark years”.  And they hit the nail on the head. These years (read: weeks, days, hours) are dark. They are filled with unhappy times and sometimes it is hard to see if there is light at the end of the tunnel. Will my toddler ever get potty trained? Will the baby ever take a bottle? Will we ever stop feeling like a zombie and get good quality sleep?

Survival mode.

Like the saying goes, the years will go fast but the days are so gosh darn long. I blinked and the “baby” is now six months old (taking a bottle I might add FINALLY).  I turned my back and P has finished her first year of preschool.  This year our oldest will turn 10!  The hole is small (tiny really) but I am starting to see the light at the end of our dark tunnel.

This blog will be a look into our dark years, our chaos driven survival mode life. With four (and maybe more).  Please like, share, and comment on your survival tactics and shed some funny light on some “dark years” stories.  All of us mommas have been or are there.  Maybe by talking about it the light hole will grow a little brighter.
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